Zoom is a video conferencing solution that allows people to connect from anywhere you are. Go to the Learn More section to go deeper into how to use Zoom in your classes.


No need for teachers to create your own Zoom account. You will already have one created and accessible through your Clever Portal. You will need to If you haven't already setup your Zoom classes, you will need to go through this brief setup process.



  1. Go to your Clever Portal
  2. Click Zoom


  1. Go to your Clever Portal
  2. Click on the desired teacher's page
  3. Click the Zoom button for your class
  4. Sign in with Google
  5. Use your PCA Google account to login to Google
  6. If your account has not been used with Zoom before, it will require you to create one.

NOTE: if you have previously signed into Zoom with something other than your PCA account, you will need to sign out before you can sign back in.

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