As a Gestalt employee, you will have an account to some if not all of the following systems and services:

  • Google - Access to not only email, but also other useful services like Google Drive and Hangouts Chat. Google will also serve as your login to other services like GoGuardian.
  • PowerSchool / PowerTeacher Pro for GCS and SCS - Our student information system for student records. Many of our other systems get their information from PowerSchool GCS like Google and Clever.
  • ActiveDirectory¬†- Identity provider for Microsoft services like signing into staff computers.
  • Schoology - A learning management system for delivering assignment and course materials
  • Clever - A site that serves as a gateway to other web services so you don't have to manage different logins for all of the online services you use.
  • Support Tickets - Create a support ticket for anything from a light bulb out in your classroom to issues logging into PowerSchool. Also, you will find more useful articles of information, like this one. You can login with your Google account to get started.

When you first receive your login credentials, they will have default passwords. Some of these passwords you can change and it is highly recommended. Passwords security is a major part in keeping sensitive records and conversations private and secure.

Follow these articles to change your passwords:

Change PowerTeacher Password

Change Google Password